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         Experience          JC Ford Company

Over the years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. That’s because our products are built with quality materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest tortilla industry manufacturing standards. 

Third Generation Sheeter

Improved stationary design
Equipped with smooth sliding mechanism

Features JC Ford's unique cutter lift and drive system
‍Improved ATC precision
Eliminated tracks to improve safety
Stationary access platform
Sheeter mounted with optional swiveling masa nozzle for simplified cleaning
Simplified cutter replacement solution with longer cutter lift
Improved roller texture life made with 316 stainless steel
Variable speed cutter drive to improve shape control

450 Flour Press

Force & position control 18- 21 cycles per minute

High efficiency


52”x52” press plate – easily handles large production quantities


One press, multiple product sizes – produce tortillas anywhere from 5” to 15” in diameter


Fully electric – cleaner operation and improved energy efficiency


Precise servo control – pressing height accurately controlled within 0.1mm for consistent product quality


Easy automation – press parameters will adjust as needed to meet different production rate and product requirements


Steady press plate temperatures – set and forget target temperatures automatically maintained


18-21 strokes per minute – fast and efficient high production rate

Cooling Conveyor

Multi-tiered cooling system for reducing baked product temperature prior to packaging.


Available with stainless steel and plastic belting and in feed and discharge systems to match your oven and packaging system.


Equipped with variable speed control and dwell meters, independent drives, alignment guides and air management.


Equilibrating conveyors for production of tortilla chip are also available with the same belting, size and control options.

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