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Tortilla makers see 20% jump in income



By Eric Schroeder

MONTERREY, MEXICO — Demand for new products in the company’s “better-for-you” line helped drive Gruma USA’s performance in the fourth quarter and full fiscal year.

In the year ended Dec. 31, 2022, Gruma USA had operating income of $440.9 million, up 20% from $368.9 million in fiscal 2021. For the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, operating income increased 31% to $140.7 million from $107.3 million. Click here for full article

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PepsiCo’s Doritos brand creates technology to ‘silence’ its crunch

The software, aimed at gamers annoyed by the sound from other players, used artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze more than 5,000 crunches.

To “help gamers keep the crunch to themselves,” Doritos is debuting what it calls “Doritos Silent.” Gamers download Doritos Crunch Cancellation software and when the technology is turned on, the software detects the crunching sounds and silences it while keeping the gamer’s voice intact.

JC Ford is incredibly honored to be named the Grupo Bimbo/Barcel 2023 Vendor of the Year!

Thank you Bimbo Bakeries for the great partnership, we look forward to many more great years in business together.

Stacking Up Tortilla & Tortilla Chip Health Benefits

Tortillas have become a much healthier alternative to sliced bread. Two slices of white sandwich bread has significantly more calories, running around 98 calories higher than one flour tortilla making wraps a delicious and healthier choice.


Flour Tortillas are a great source of fiber and Vitamin B1. Whole wheat tortillas can be found on most grocery store shelves which provide an even better source of fiber and thiamin which helps the body regulate metabolism.


Corn tortillas and tortilla chips play a role in good health for your brain, heart, and muscles due to their magnesium content also lending a great source of fiber.


Tortillas are a staple in many countries but are growing more and more popular in the gourmet food industry across the entire globe. They are a hit at the breakfast, lunch, and the dinner table as well as a healthy a suitable snack during the day and make great meals, appetizers, and desserts. 


Trends show the growth of the tortilla and tortilla chip industry growing from US$12.3 billion in 2023 to US$23.5 by 2033 nearly doubling the market.


The growing popularity of tortillas and tortilla chips are owed to a better awareness of the nutritional benefits and a rise in global health-consciousness, not to mention how delicious they are and the endless way to incorporate them into amazing culinary masterpieces.

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