Corn Tortillas Production Lines

JC Ford, Co. is the leading manufacturer of high-speed corn tortilla production equipment with production ranging from 1000 to 7000 dozen/hr. These energy and labor efficient lines are designed to be user friendly and provide the highest quality corn tortilla for the demanding market. Please review the complete line of tortilla equipment to see how JC Ford helps customers take their tortilla manufacturing to the next level.

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Flour Tortillas Production Lines

JC Ford, Co. manufactures flour tortilla lines that offer a controlled environment for the dough balls to proof before testing correctly. The equipment allows for a much simpler yet efficient running system. The continuous press enables the line to run at a constant speed. With this “continuous pressing technology,” the machine can run as many as 20-cycles/min at maximum speed. These machines produce the highest quality flour tortilla to support the rising demand for flour tortilla products.

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Tortilla Chips

JC Ford, Co. manufactures tortilla chip equipment with production lines ranging from a simple 250 pounds/hr. to a completely automated 4000 pounds/hr. systems (taco shell/tostadas use 600 to 4000 dozen/hr). JC Ford assists with layout/design, equipment, product development, and service to handle customer needs. These systems incorporate the latest in efficiency for labor and energy to maximize customer resources and product quality. Please review the menus to see the complete line of tortilla chip manufacturing equipment.

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JC Ford Co. manufactures fryers to produce tortilla chips, corn chips, and other corn-based snacks. Frying systems are available in smaller direct-fired immersion tube systems and large direct and indirect external heat exchange systems. All fryers are designed to minimize oil volume and have the latest in filtering technology for maximum oil and snack quality.

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Corn Cooking

JC Ford, Co. manufactures and supplies complete systems for processing whole corn into masa (nixtamalization) for use in corn tortillas, tortilla chips, corn chips, and taco shell production. These systems are available in traditional open vats with burners designed for uniform processing, which provides corn masa with consistent texture to produce the highest quality corn products.

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