Flour Tortillas

Flour Tortilla Process

JC Ford, Co. manufactures flour tortilla lines that offer a controlled environment for the dough balls to proof before testing correctly. The equipment allows for a simpler yet more efficient running system. The continuous press enables the line to run at a constant speed. With this “continuous pressing technology,” the machine can run as many as 20-cycles/min at maximum speed. These machines produce the highest quality flour tortilla to support the rising demand for flour tortilla products.

Rounder Dividers
JC Ford Co. Rounder/Divider
-Precise dough ball needed for high speed flour tortilla production.
-Available in 6, 8, 9 and 10 rows with Max. hourly capacity of 30,000 pieces.
-Weight range from 25-330 gms with a range of piston and rounding drums available to meet your dough needs. -controls are manufactured with JC Ford Company standard components to assure the highest level of support reliability.
JC Ford Co. Proofers
-Designed to provide needed resting time after the rounder divider and prior to pressing for ideal flour tortilla production
-Proofing systems with 6, 8, 10, and 12 pocket trays and proofing times from 3 to 25 minutes.
-Available with manual and automatic humidity control, heater/dryers, cip system for cleaning trays and sealed view window to provide view throughout proofing cabinet.
-Manufactured with heavy gage stainless steel and use plated chain to assure to highest level of sanitation and reliability.
JC Ford Co, Press
-Superior control of product positioning during pressing to increase product consistency while minimizing waste.
-Assures maximum utilization of baking and cooling surface to improve efficiency of process over the old start and stop presses.
-Stoke capacity up to 22 per minute while maintain maximum accuracy.
-Equipped with a universal loading system that requires no changes in tubes or plates when changing from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 inch tortillas, one system handles it all
JC Ford Co.: Ovens
-Equipped with the latest in combustion technology to provide maximum efficiency and uniformity in baking.
-Stainless steel burner and frames, independent and uniformity in baking.
-Stainless steel burner and frames, independent temperature controls, cross fire adjustment to control temperature across the width of the oven and automatic stack exhaust system, plc control with gas efficiency monitoring are some of the features in this latest series of ovens.
Cooling Conveyors
JC Ford Co.: Cooling Conveyors
- Multi-tiered cooling system for reducing baked product temperature prior to packaging.
-Available with stainless steel and plastic belting and in feed and discharge systems to match your oven and packaging system. -equipped with variable speed control and dwell meters, independent drives, alignment guides and air management.
-Equilibrating conveyors for production of tortilla chip are also available with the same belting, size and control options.
Counter Stackers
JC Ford Co. Counter Stackers
-Equipped with the latest servo pneumatic system used to control the motion of the product as it accumulates in the stacking canister.
-System gives the operator the ability to fine tune the machine for various products at various feed rates.  
-Equipped with a stack concentering system that rotates the canister around the product, forcing it to the center and creating tight, cylindrical stacks.
Vision System
JC Ford Co. Vision System
- Advanced engineered technology that ensures each individual tortilla is produced with ultimate perfection.
- The touch screen display is user friendly and easy to operate in conjunction with the machine.
- This automated machine allows our customers to view each individual tortilla as it passes through the machine
-Ensures that each tortilla is made to our customers standards and specifications.
Smart Belts
JC Ford Co. Smart Belts
- Accumulate stacks of tortillas and move the tortillas in a single file to feed packaging.
- Able to read the speed of the product, know where the product is, and ensure that the product is positively positioned.
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