Corn Cooking

Corn Cooking Process

JC Ford, Co. manufactures and supplies complete systems for processing whole corn into masa (nixtamalization) for use in corn tortillas, tortilla chips, corn chips, and taco shell production. These systems are available in traditional open vats with burners designed for uniform processing, which provides corn masa with consistent texture to produce the highest quality corn products.

Equipment Layout

The corn cooking (nixtamalization) process starts with boiling whole raw corn kernels in water and calcium hydroxide (lye). Then the corn kernels steep (resting in water) for an extended period for moisture absorption. Washing removes pericarp and excess calcium hydroxide from the corn.

Corn Handling Storage
-Designed to increase bag discharge for difficult, semi non-free flowing materials
-Safety guards and panels for operator safety
-Fully notched, cast aluminum body allows for incremental valve positioning
‍-Manuallyoperated with hand lever
‍-Usedto safely open bag and control flow from downspout of bulk bag
Steam Jacket Kettles
-Supplies steam jacket kettles for the processing of whole corn in to masa (corn dough) in the production of tortilla chips, tortillas and taco/tostada shells.
-Kettles are available in 300, 500, and 750 gal. sizes and capable of cooking from 500 lbs to 2000 lbs per batch. -Kettles are available with manual and automatic controls, scaling for raw materials, water and lye (calcium hydroxide) meters.
Steep Systems
-Stainless steel tanks can be equipped with automatic or manual valves, cip systems for rencing, air purge to maintain consistent temperature, cooling water metering and other options to maintain uniform masa.
-Tanks are available in 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 lbs sizes and stainless steel support mezzanine available with several deck options.
Corn Pumping/Washing
-Pump and wash systems are designed to gently move the cooked corn to washing where the pericarp (thin skin), excess lye and debris are removed prior to milling.
-Pumps are available in positive displacement or diaphragm type and several sizes to match your cook system.
-Corn washers can be equipped with automatic feeders, flow meters, water pumps and controls to maximize washing and minimize water usage.
-Drain conveyors are used after washing to allow access water to drain and transfer to mill.
Corn Mills
JC Ford Co.: Corn Mills
-Grinding cooked corn into masa (corn dough).
- Available in traditional volcanic stone type form 15 to 75 hp, aluminum oxide type in 50 and 75 hp and steel plate mills with 75 and 125hp drives.
- Equipped with automatic and feeding and masa transfer systems.
Manual Cool Tanks
JC Ford Co.: Manual Cool Tanks
-Manual cook tanks with 400, 800, 1000 and 1200 pound capacity.
-Direct fire stainless steel tank are a traditional way of cooking corn for tortilla and tortilla chip production.
Equipment Videos
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