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The highest-degree of standard solutions for custom machinery created for tortillas and tortilla chips.

Our Newest Technology

JC Ford, Co. constantly produces high quality machinery. Each piece of machinery in a production line is designed with specific supporting functions, ensuring that every detail is accounted for to create the most efficient machinery. JC Ford constantly improves machine technology to keep auto-mated systems current and user friendly. Machinery is created to support faster production times and the amount of product production.  JC Ford continues to grow with the industry by creating reliable and advanced technological systems.

Masa Mixer - MM1000

The JC Ford Masa Mixer is equipped with a sigma style mixing blade oriented in a horizontal fashion.  The blade is driven by a shaft mounted 15hp gearbox.  The mixer is constructed of all stainless steel and equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic tilting system to load/unload a batch.

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Vision System and Smart Belts

JC Ford’s Tortilla Inspection Rejection System, also known as the Vision System, is an advanced engineered technology that ensures each individual tortilla is produced with ultimate perfection. The touch screen display is user friendly and easy to operate in conjunction with the machine. This automated machine allows our customers to view each individual tortilla as it passes through the machine, ensuring that each tortilla is made to our customers standards and specifications.

Smart belts accumulate stacks of tortillas and move the tortillas in a single file to feed packaging. They are able to read the speed of the product, know where the product is, and ensure that the product is positively positioned.

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